Elizabeth M. Lozano
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Elizabeth Lozano is the director of the Latin American studies program and an associate professor in the school of communication at Loyola University Chicago. She is a native of Colombia. Her areas of expertise are media studies and cultural studies. Lozano has written numerous articles and book chapters, in Latin America and the United States, on issues concerning comparative analyses of popular culture; identity negotiation and diaspora; and structural violence and nonviolent resistance. Her most recent work focuses on the study of the nonviolent practices of two Colombian groups: The Women’s Grassroots Organization (OFP), and the Nobel Peace-nominated Peace Community of San José de Apartado (CDP). The OFP and the CDP are two of 50 “peace communities” currently in existence in Colombia.

Lozano obtained a BS in social communication from Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, an MA in rhetorical criticism from Ohio University, and a PhD in philosophy of communication from the same institution. Her forthcoming book, Hispanic Television in the United States: Weaving a Hispanic Textuality, will be published in 2010.