Simon Hoggart
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Simon Hoggart is the parliamentary sketch writer for The Guardian of London. He also chairs a popular comedy network radio show, The News Quiz, for the BBC in England and writes as a TV critic and wine columnist for The Spectator of London. He frequently appears on American networks, including NBC, CBS and ABC, though generally for such a short time that you can't read his name at the bottom of the screen. He once met Charlie Rose, and on a less elevated level, George Bush Sr.

In his professional career as a journalist, Hoggart has worked in England, Washington D.C., Northern Ireland, Australia, Asia, large tracts of North America, and has eaten moose in the Yukon Territory, if without much pleasure. In his unflagging attempts to destroy paranormal nonsense and foldelrol, he has undertaken a fire walk with the assistance of nothing more than a single can of beer. He has written around ten books, all of which have now been forgotten. Hoggart loves coming to Boulder and has been attending the CWA for 15 years. He claims to have helped de-fuse Howard Higman, founder of the Conference, for which some people were grateful at the time.