Sally Fay
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Sally Fay is a writer-performer based in the New York City metro area. She and partners Bill Weeden and David Finkle have been working together as Weeden, Finkle and Fay for 20 years. They have written and performed two original Off-Broadway musicals, Trust Us and Survival Kitsch, and have won awards for their nightclub act. Their successful children’s musical Babar’s Birthday toured theaters and schools all over the country. Fay and collaborators are also the authors of the new musical Move It and It’s Yours.

Through their corporate entertainment firm, Fay and partners have written, performed and produced humorous business shows for a long list of Fortune 500 companies, including Fortune magazine itself. When their company was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Fay was only the third woman to have her face ‘etched’ on the front page (her predecessors were Corazon Aquino and Mary Agee).

Fay currently works as a marketing communications consultant to a wide range of New York City area companies. In the past year, she has created marketing collateral for a global soda ash manufacturer, an architectural firm and a luxury accessory retailer, among others. Besides writing and performing for the State Street Project in Trenton, New Jersey (a theater program for at-risk children), she writes pop-country songs with Neil Johnson of New York City’s Neil Scott Johnson Band. Fay also leads an established weekly divorce support group and works as a child advocate at a maximum security women’s prison.