Bill Clifford
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The Iran-Contra affair convinced Bill Clifford to trade in his life in Capitol Hill foreign-policy for a career in journalism, a shift that led him to spend the 1990s and then some in Asia. Clifford covered the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo cultís sarin-gas attack, the Kobe earthquake and the Asia financial crisis of 1997-98. After several years as a Tokyo-based business correspondent for CNBC Asia and its Dow Jones forerunner, ABN, Clifford launched Asian bureaus for CBS MarketWatch in 1999.

Cliffordís online commentary and broadcast reporting is tailored to individual investors looking for opportunities outside--or shelter from--U.S. markets. Caveat emptor: Australian stocks, gold and Kiwi dollars arenít for everybody, and one day Japanís sick banks will heal. Clifford holds degrees from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins, Tufts University and Institut díEtudes Politiques de Paris.