Bill Christison
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Bill Christison joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1950 and worked there for over 28 years. He held many jobs, all in the analytical side of the agency. He worked for the first few years analyzing the Soviet economy. In the late 1950s he spent three years in West Germany. In the 1960s, back at headquarters in Langley, Virginia, he worked on the global nuclear proliferation problem, with particular emphasis on France, Israel, India and Pakistan. In 1969 he volunteered for service with the CIA in Vietnam and spent two-and-a-half years there. He first met his wife, Kathy, who also worked for the CIA, in Saigon.

Returning to Washington in the early 1970s, Christison served as National Intelligence Officer (principal advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence on certain areas). He ended his CIA career as the Director of the Office of Regional and Political Analysis, an office of over 200 experts on all nations and global problems of the world. In this position he developed an abiding interest in global, supranational problems. He retired from the CIA in 1979 and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For the last decade, Christison has been devoted full time to doing research on and writing about the root causes of terrorism and particularly the dangers of the U.S. drive for global political and economic hegemony.