Elouise Cobell
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Elouise Cobell is the executive director of the Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund and serves as chairperson for the Blackfeet National Bank, the first national bank located on an Indian reservation and owned by a Native American tribe. Cobell was one of its lead organizers and was instrumental in the formation of the Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund. She is currently the project director of the Individual Indian Monies Trust Correction and Recovery Project, a project to reform the U.S. Government on the management of individual Indian trust funds. Cobell is a recipient of the 1997 Genius Grant from the MacArthur Foundationís Fellowship Program.

Cobellís professional, civic experience and expertise includes serving as a board member for the Tides Foundation, the Northwest Area Foundation, First Interstate Bank, the Montana Community Foundation, a trustee of the Smithsonianís National Museum of the American Indian, as well as other boards. Cobell served for 13 years as the treasurer for the Blackfeet Indian Nation in Montana.

In addition to operating a working cattle and crops ranch with her husband, she is active in local agricultural and environmental issues. She founded the first land trust in Indian Country and serves as a trustee for the Nature Conservancy of Montana.

Elouise Cobell is a graduate of Great Falls Business College and attended Montana State University; her professional background is in accounting and community development. She is a member of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe.