Carlton Stoiber
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Boulder native Carlton Stoiber graduated from Boulder High School and received B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Colorado, where he was student association president. He was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford and earned an LL.M. degree at London University.

His distinguished career spanned years of service in the Departments of State and Justice and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. As a consultant for federal agencies, foreign goverments and international organizations, Stoiber directed offices in diverse areas, encompassing Indian rights, nuclear non-proliferation, technology, export controls and international affairs. He helped establish a UN commission on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, developed controls over transfer of nuclear technology and negotiated conventions on nuclear safety. He holds a distinguished service award from the Senior Executive Association.

Stoiber’s recent projects include non-proliferation treaty analysis, nuclear risk reduction strategy between the U.S. and Russia, and nuclear legislation assistance for various countries. He chaired a group publication on nuclear energy legislation for the Atomic Energy Agency and is currently involved in a project to assess legal issues related to a weapons of mass destruction event. He regularly lectures on international nuclear law.

Stoiber is also a freelance cartoonist, regularly published in the National Academy of Sciences, quarterly issues in Science and Technology and National Parks magazine. He continues his Boulder-born love of mountaineering, recently summiting some of the highest peaks in the Andes, Alps, Pyrenees and--of course--the Rockies.