Harvey Stockwin
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After studying at Queens’ College, Cambridge University, in the early 1950s, Harvey Stockwin was persuaded by some Ceylonese friends to visit their part of the world for six months or so before returning home and starting a career. He worked for two months as a London bus conductor to earn the fare for a P&O ship to Colombo, and immediately began writing about Asia for Asian publications in order to support himself. Six months became fifteen, then he went to India for a year.

As he moved his base from South Asia to Southeast Asia and then to East Asia, that original six months became 47 years. Asia became both his home and his career. Since he has mainly written for Asian publications, Stockwin has experienced the vicissitudes of freedom of the press in Asia first hand. His main interest is in studying, reporting and analyzing Asian internal politics and Asia’s international relationships. He has written for a wide variety of publications.

Since 1979, he has been East Asian correspondent for The Times of India. He also writes regularly for The Japan Times. However the work that has given Stockwin the greatest satisfaction recently has been a weekly 15-minute radio broadcast, Reflections from Asia over Radio Television Hong Kong. Starting with four broadcasts at the beginning of 1998, he has now done 215 Reflections, which means researching, writing and recording a 2,000-word essay on Asian affairs every week. The past year’s Reflections can be heard on the Internet at www.rthk.org.hk.