Peter Steinhauer
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Peter Steinhauer was born in Colorado in 1966, two weeks after his father left to serve as a doctor in the American/Vietnamese War. Steinhauer's first contact with Vietnam was through the stories and pictures his father brought home. Soon after graduating from an art institute with a degree in photography, Steinhauer traveled to Hanoi to undertake the project of photographing Vietnam. It became his life's work. In 1996, photographs from his "Portraits and Landscapes" project earned him the Communication Arts Award for outstanding photography. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Asia and elsewhere in the world. He has recently moved from Vietnam to Singapore where he has an advertising studio. His work appears regularly in Time, Asiaweek, Newsweek, Archive, Asian Art News, Lens Work and B&W, among other publications. He is published in the books, Passage To Vietnam and Vietnamese Lacquer Painting: A New Age. His book, Vietnam: Portraits and Landscapes was just released world wide. He has five other book projects underway on Myanmar, Hanoi, Angkor Wat, China and the Minorities of Vietnam. His web site is