Fintan R. Steele
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A former Benedictine monk and priest, Fintan Steele now plies his neo-agnostic worldview in the areas of genetics and gene therapy. Following completion of his doctorate at the University of Notre Dame and having collected some great and appalling stories about that venerable institution's attempt to prevent the formation of a gay and lesbian student/staff support group, Steele worked as a staff fellow in the laboratories of the National Institutes of Health and the Johns Hopkins Medical School. Deciding that he liked writing and speaking about science more than actually doing it (latex gloves are, despite a certain sex appeal, very uncomfortable), Steele has found a home in scientific publishing.

His latest ventures include launching Molecular Therapy, the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy (which is not as scary as it sounds) and taking on the editorship of Genomics (which is). His studies and ongoing research makes him a deep admirer of nature, although still an unwilling servant of nurture.

Steele lives in Brooklyn with his partner, three rescued Cornish Rex cats and a wardrobe that includes an obscene amount of spandex, which is worn only to teach aerobics classes.