Norman Solomon
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A nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics, Norman Solomon is the founder and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a national consortium of policy researchers and analysts. Solomon's column, distributed by Creators Syndicate, appears in the San Francisco Examiner and other newspapers. It has been in national syndication since 1992.

The latest collection of Solomon's columns won the George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language. The award, presented by the National Council of Teachers of English, honored Solomon's ninth book, The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media.

In the introduction to that book, Jonathan Kozol wrote: "The tradition of Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, and I.F. Stone does not get much attention these days in the mainstream press ... but that tradition is alive and well in this collection of courageously irreverent columns on the media by Norman Solomon.... He fights the good fight without fear of consequence. He courts no favors. He writes responsibly and is meticulous on details, but he does not choke on false civility."

Solomon has appeared as a guest on many media outlets including the PBS News Hour With Jim Lehrer, CNN's Crossfire and Talk Back Live, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, C-SPAN, public radio's Marketplace, NPR's All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Talk of the Nation.

Solomon's op-ed articles have appeared in a range of newspapers including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, New York Times, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore Sun. His articles have also appeared in the International Herald Tribune, Canada's Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.