Antonia Brancati
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Antonia Brancati was born with a theatrical pedigree as daughter of novelist and playwright Vitaliano Brancati and the famed actress Anna Proclemer.

In 1964, Brancati joined her mother’s acting company as an extra and made her debut at the Old Vic Theatre in Franco Zeffirelli’s production of Shakespeare’s Amleto. Even though she would soon give up acting, she was on her way to becoming an incurable theatre addict. In the years that followed, Brancati worked on and off the stage in practically every capacity.

In 1990, retiring literary agent Laura Del Bono chose Brancati to continue her work. With the aim of promoting new plays, Brancati brushed up her English and eventually became a valued translator. She both wrote and produced her first play, They All Worry About Lalla, and continues playwriting as a side activity to that of agenting.