Jay Golden
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Whether through written word, performance, or cutting-edge digital media, Jay Golden has dedicated his life to sharing the unique tales of life experience.

Along with Conference participant Ellen McGirt, Jay is currently completing the book and website project A Love Letter From America, documenting a 15,000-mile odyssey into the depths and stories of a changing America.

He is also founder and executive producer of Wakingstar Productions, an interactive theater company that most recently produced a series of travel-themed storytelling performances called “Journeys.”

Jay has spent six years finding the place where the story and the internet meet. While a producer for Shockwave.com, he developed online music videos and stories for bands such as Motley Crue, Devo and Phish. Jay was on the founding team of the award-winning educational site Learn2.com, which uses comic characters and a friendly voice to teach the world things they can’t learn in school. Currently on the board of directors for Gojobs.com, he also consults at small start-up technology companies on multimedia, editorial and development issues.

Jay speaks three languages and has traveled to 45 countries. He is an occasional travel correspondent for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and has written for the Aspen Ridiculous Theater Company and the travel book In Search of Adventure.