Richard H. Jones
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Richard Henry Jones served as an American diplomat for 32 years and as deputy executive director of the International Energy Agency for five years. He received his BS with distinction in mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, earned masters and doctoral degrees in business and statistics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has been awarded two U.S. patents. During his diplomatic career, he served as U.S. ambassador to Israel, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon, and as deputy administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad. In 2005, he was senior advisor to the Secretary of State and coordinator for Iraq policy.

Earlier in his career, Jones was twice posted to the U.S. embassy in Riyadh and also served in Paris and Tunis. He was director of the Division of Developed Country Trade in the U.S. State Department, and later director of its Office of Egyptian Affairs. Jones is literate in Arabic, French, German, and Russian, and has served on the board of the Saudi Arabian International School in Riyadh.

In 1973, Jones married Joan Wiener, and they have four adult children: Josh, Vera, Ben, and Hope. He enjoys hiking and bicycling, as well as winter sports.