Avi Agababa
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Avi Agababa is a leading figure amongst Israeli percussion players and was one of the first Israeli musicians to explore Mediterranean rhythms and music. For 20 years, he has traveled the world, touring and recording with Chava Alberstein, who has been called "the most important female folk singer in Israeli history."

Through his involvement with various world music projects, Agababa has worked with musicians of diverse musical heritages and cultures. He finds that such work enriches all participants. He has particularly enjoyed strengthening his awareness of the healing power of music—communication through sound, transformation of emotions and energy with or without words. Similarly, Agababa believes gifts of music can play an important role in bringing about peace. As a member of Yair Dallal's ensemble, he plays music in an effort to build a bridge of understanding and creativity between different cultures.

Thanks to a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Agababa studied at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel. In addition to playing jazz and rock drum sets, he is skilled in Middle Eastern percussion, including the Darbuka and Riq frame drums. Agababa’s playing is known for its musicality, expressive feel, wide range of sounds, and very strong sense of groove.