Kevin Conger
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Kevin Conger is a landscape architect and urbanist based in San Francisco, California, and founding partner of CMG Landscape Architecture. His interests span from social behavior to biology and encompass sustainable infrastructure and economic issues. Conger works as a designer to make our cities more livable and sustainable and as a critical provocateur to create dialogue about their future, including the creation of democratic public space, high-performance constructed ecology, long-range innovations for sea-level rise, and the belief that informed citizens will make the best decisions about how to plan their communities. CMG utilizes the term "consilient urbanism" to contextualize these often competing forces which inform urban design under the overarching goal of livable cities.

Conger's recent work has included how to use public open space as an opportunity to create street life, investigated through the Yerba Buena Street Life Plan and the redesign of Market Street in San Francisco and Third Street in Seattle. At a greater scale, he has also directed the open space master planning for what will be San Francisco's 21st-century sustainable neighborhood on Treasure Island. Most recently, Conger has been directing the West Oakland Urban Farm Park with City Slicker Farms, bringing a new (grant-funded) farm-park and healthy food to West Oakland. His other projects have included universities, schools, parks, and urban infill development. Conger was recently awarded a Seed Fund Fellowship for his design work and commitment to more vibrant, democratic space in San Francisco.