Sidney Perkowitz
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Sidney Perkowitz always wanted to be a research scientist and spent part of his career doing just that, in industry and at Emory University. But writing was a second love, and midway through his career, after publishing his 100th research paper, he left the lab to become a writer while remaining a physics professor at Emory University.

Perkowitz writes for science groupies who love the ideas of science without the details. His books include Empire of Light, about the science and aesthetics of light; Universal Foam, about foam in the universe, from quantum to galactic scale, and not forgetting its role in what we eat and drink; and Digital People, about robots and bionic people. His latest book is Hollywood Science about how science and scientists are presented in film. These books have been translated into six languages and Braille. He also writes for various periodicals, lectures about interactions between science and culture, and makes numerous media appearances.

Perkowitz has never regretted switching from research to writing, which has taken him along some marvelously unexpected paths, including writing stage plays that have been presented in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. His newest book, Slow Light, about the latest science and technology of light such as invisibility cloaks, is now in production for publication June 2011. He blogs for the Science and Entertainment Exchange program of the National Academy of Sciences, and is involved in other efforts to bring science to the public in accurate and accessible ways.