Dan Odescalchi
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Dan Odescalchi is president of Strategic Advantage International, a political consulting firm based in New York State. Odescalchi began consulting for the new democratic parties in Eastern Europe in 1992. He consulted for the Prime Minister of Hungary and the Hungarian Democratic Forum, the Democratic Convention in Romania, the Party of Coexistence in Slovakia and the Alternative Council of Ministers in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Odescalchi founded and operated the "Survival In a Democracy Project" to assist new democratic parties in Eastern Europe with learning the skills necessary to build and maintain political support. He raised funds for the project by working with 13 international organizations, including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Westminster Foundation and USIS.

Having become an expert on post-communist voter trends, he has spoken extensively on the topic. Speaking engagements have included Atlantic Council Meetings in Budapest and the European Democrat Union Conference in Berlin.

Odescalchi has recently been a contributing author to the Handbook of Political Marketing. Since then he has continued assisting candidates in the U.S. and abroad as well as overseeing political communications for a number of interest groups.