Gigi Ibrahim
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Jihan "Gigi" Ibrahim is a 25-year-old citizen-journalist and political activist with the revolutionary socialists in Egypt. She took part in the mobilization for the January 25, 2011, Egyptian revolution, living in the now-famous Tahrir Square and talking to representatives from the foreign media.

After spending her childhood in Egypt, Ibrahim attended high school in Anaheim, California, and later Orange Coast College. From there she transferred to the American University in Cairo, where she received a BA in political science, with a minor in sociology. In California, she demonstrated for immigration rights with the Collectivo Tonanzine and fought against the U.S. invasion of Iraq. She also took part in pro-Palestinian stands while in college.

Since moving back to Egypt in 2008, Ibrahim has been closely involved in social mobilization against the Mubarak regime, working for anti-emergency law, anti-police brutality/torture, and anti-censorship of press, as well as demanding justice, equality, democracy, human rights, and solidarity for the Palestinian cause. She has also been active in the labor movement, demanding minimum wage, free-union associations, and workers' rights for different sectors, particularly in Cairo. The use of social networks has been of great help to her in exposing the truth and mobilizing others to end the authoritarian regime.