Abby Rapoport
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Abby Rapoport is a staff writer for the American Prospect, where she reports on state-level politics and policies around the country. While she now covers all states, she's particularly partial to Texas, where she has lived since graduating from college in 2008.

First for the Texas Tribune and later as the chief political reporter for the Texas Observer, Rapoport has followed the Tea Party movement up close, driving from Lufkin to Lubbock to report on the changing political culture. Despite working for an infamously liberal publication, she's developed close contacts in conservative circles who have helped her to describe how the movement both reforms and impedes the political process.

During the 2010 elections, Rapoport gained national attention for her work reporting on True the Vote, a Houston Tea Party group organizing poll watchers that would soon become a national force associated with voter intimidation in minority communities. By 2012, she was covering not only True the Vote's expanded national efforts, but also voting rights battles around the country, from voter ID in Pennsylvania to purges of voter rolls in Florida.

In addition to voting rights, Rapoport has focused on the reform movement in public education and the for-profit industries that have developed around it. Her other interests include baking, college football, and hoping the Houston Astros come out of their slump.