David Bender
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David Bender is an activist, author, and broadcaster. He is currently a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated radio program The Stephanie Miller Show, and was chosen by John F. Kennedy, Jr., as George magazine�s first West Coast contributing editor.

Bender's political activism began when he was 12. He took a "leave of absence" from the seventh grade to volunteer full-time in Senator Robert F. Kennedy�s presidential campaign. As a high school reporter, he covered the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, George McGovern, and Hubert Humphrey. Later, he became a key aide to Allard K. Lowenstein, former New York congressman and activist in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements.

Bender later served as a senior advisor in Vermont Governor Howard Dean�s presidential campaign. He subsequently joined Air America Radio, where he hosted Politically Direct, and co-hosted Ring of Fire. Bender was also Rachel Maddow�s �political guru,� appearing regularly on her Air America show. Bender has worked in the television and music industries, as a senior executive in musician Stephen Stills� production company, and as vice president of Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold�s television production unit. He also served as the Democratic National Committee�s liaison to the entertainment industry. Author or coauthor of four books, including Stand and Be Counted, a chronicle of artist activism in the music industry written with musician David Crosby, Bender scripted and coproduced a four-hour documentary of the same name that aired on The Learning Channel.