Seth Shostak
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An astronomer engaged in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, Seth Shostak comes to Boulder from the SETI Institute in California. His interest in the sky dates from a chance encounter with a diagram of the solar system he uncovered in a family atlas at the impressionable age of eight. Shostak has spent the majority of his relatively lengthy life studying galaxies using radio telescopes. At some point during these scholarly activities, Shostak realized that the hardware he was using to explore the depths of the universe could also be used to find out if we have intelligent cosmic company. He now occupies his days with efforts to eavesdrop on alien radio broadcasts. He is the author of hundreds of popular articles on astronomy, film, technology and sundry other topics. His recent book, Sharing the Universe, describes his endeavor to prove that we're not alone in the universe.

Shostak has an eclectic background that encompasses such diverse activities as film, railroading and computer animation. He is a lecturer at the California Academy of Sciences and a frequent sound-bite artist on television and radio. He can occasionally be heard to lament the fact that, according to his own estimate, he was born two generations too soon to benefit from the cure for death.