Paul Andres
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Paul Andres became involved with computers as control systems for industrial machinery. In 1980 he was applying the Apple computer as the interface between human operators and the chip-level control circuits of industrial robots. He quickly came to see the value of human /machine teamwork and the difficulty in making biological and electronic entities work together. Paul’s educational background is Engineering (expert control systems) and business (University of Chicago, MBA), and he has founded companies in computer communications, optical fiber, software, and venture capital. He has consulted for companies as diverse as Harley Davidson, the Department of Defense, and public utilities. He speaks primarily at Asian and European conferences on computing, communications, and technology forums, focusing on the effect these technologies will have on society at large. Andres lectures on “Digital Evolution - Life on the Human / Machine Interface” examine the relationship we have with our creations and the direction they are taking.

“We are appointing our devices with senses (hearing, voice, and position) at the same time as we implant them into our bodies to replace our own failing senses. We have created digital and now robotic pets. Is the logical progression towards that fusion of man and machine which fuses the best of each into the next stage of evolution-Cyber Man?”