Joaquin Muñoz
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In May 2010, Joaquin Muņoz received his master's degree in education from the University of Arizona in the language, reading, and culture program, where he is currently a doctoral student. His research focused on education and anthropology, and aspects of language and culture that impact youth learning. He is now investigating youth identity and culture.

Muņoz has also begun research on how Waldorf (Steiner) education and other forms of holistic teaching impact educational outcomes. His doctoral dissertation will focus on youth who have transitioned from alternative education systems and include documentation and analysis of their individual experiences.

Having grown up on an Indian reservation in southern Arizona, Muņoz still maintains a constant focus and interest in Native American history and education. Much of his research is conducted with the goal of providing improvements to the educational experiences for tribal students at every level of education.

Muņoz has been an educator for the last eight years, teaching at every level of schooling, from service as a Teach for America corps member in Philadelphia to instructing undergraduate students at Pima Community College and the University of Arizona, where experiential learning is a central principle of his pedagogy.

Muņoz has many other interests including beekeeping and organic honey production, literature, radical psychology, boxing, nutrition and diet, esoteric Christianity, writing music, quantum physics, and the impacts of meditation on personal health and well-being.