Kevin Davies
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Kevin Davies is the founding editor of Bio-IT World, a trade magazine covering the management of life sciences data and Nature Genetics magazine. Previously, he worked at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, one of the largest medical philanthropies in the United States, and was editorial director of Cell Press, where he conceived and developed the journal Cancer Cell. He is the author of The $1,000 Genome, an account of the revolution in DNA sequencing technologies, personal genomics, and the road to personalized medicine. Davies previously penned Cracking the Genome, the first published account of the race for the Human Genome Project praised by one savvy reviewer as "a rollicking good tale about an enduring intellectual monument." It has been translated into 15 languages. His first book, coauthored with Michael White, was entitled Breakthrough, about the race to find the breast cancer gene.

Born and educated in England, Davies moved to the United States in 1987. After two mediocre postdoctoral fellowships at MIT and Harvard Medical School, he sought refuge from the lab bench in the editorial offices of the journal Nature. In 1992, he was appointed editor of Nature Genetics, and it quickly became one of the most influential and highly cited journals in the world.

Davies studied biochemistry at Oxford University and received a PhD in human genetics from the University of London. He is married with two children and makes his home in Lexington, Massachusetts.