Gail Smith
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Gail Smith is a founder of the Cavell Group, a consulting firm focused on communications technology and business practices. An American based in Europe, she is currently working throughout the emerging markets on projects related to new communication services. Recent Cavell projects have been in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Hungary, and Palestine Territories.

Smith has been recently focused on mobile broadband in the past few years having led Clearwireís market launch in Belgium. Prior to Cavell, she was president of Level 3 Communications Europe, where she led a $2 billion investment which went on to become a market leader in wholesale IP services in Europe. Smith has spent most of her career in challenger start-ups taking on the large incumbents in telecommunications. She has also spent her career bridging cultural divides between technical and commercial teams or teams from different countries.

Smith received her masterís degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a French license from University of Metz, and her bachelorís degree from Claremont McKenna College. She lives in Brussels with her Lebanese-French husband and son.