Alexander Grit
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Alexander Grit is academic dean at Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Doha, Qatar, which offers accredited degrees to an international student body in international hospitality management, tourism management, and business management. It aims to bridge academic knowledge with practical applicability for society. Course content ranges from pearl fishing and pastoral nomadic lifestyles to the rapid development and transformation of Doha into a modern global city.

Grit’s research focuses on the potentialities of hospitality space and its special serendipitous quality. With Paul Lynch at the University of Strathclyde, he co-developed the research method “sociological experimentation,” an innovative methodology for understanding the dynamics of hospitality interactions.

Grit studies the paradoxical tension between control and hospitality. He has published on the relationships between art, serendipity, and hospitality, and in so doing critiques modern hospitality management practices. Intrigued and inspired by the concept of the salons of 19th and 20th century Europe, Grit is the developer of the Serendipity Table, a concept that invites people to find the unexpected. Together with Sjoerd Gehrels of Stenden University, he initiated the successful Line of Flight conferences in Leeuwarden, where salons are reinterpreted in order to invite participants to search for new combinations. Grit received his PhD in management at Strathclyde University in Scotland. His master’s degree in leisure management from Tilburg University in the Netherlands earned him the International Leisure and Amenity Management (ILAM) best thesis award.