Lorelei Kelly
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Lorelei Kelly is a peace and security expert based in Washington, D.C. She directs the New Strategic Security Initiative, which she founded to create a hub for ideas and projects that recognize how, in today's world, security is about people. A large part of this work is building a new generation of influential governance infrastructure in states and districts.

Kelly has a background in conflict and negotiation from Stanford University and is a certified mediator. She has 12 years of experience working in and around the U.S. Congress. In 1998, she founded Security for a New Century, a study group for the House and Senate that continues to this day. As director of the Real Security Initiative at the White House Project, she trained hundreds of women candidates across the United States on how to communicate about national security.

After the election of President Obama in 2008, Kelly founded ProgressiveCongress.org as a hub between progressives inside and outside of Congress. She has coauthored two books, Policy Matters: Educating Congress on Peace and Security and a civil-military dialogue guide entitled A Woman’s guide to Talking About War and Peace. She blogs at the Huffingtonpost.

Self-described as a classic hippie redneck, Kelly grew up in Northern California and Northern New Mexico and earned a BA from Grinnell College and an MA from Stanford University. She has an extensive civil-military background, and attended the Air Command and Staff College program of the U.S. Air Force.