Rich Forster
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I do not rely on grievances.

As a eulogist may, through others I stay in touch,

as a eulogist—

Your scent will not wash away,

the scent of warm bodies pressed together

in this country, our world

pillars supporting the sky open remains.

Poet Rich Forster considers himself fortunate to have been initiated at the Taos Poetry Circus and exposed to Charles Olsen’s Projective Verse. The idea that Projective Verse is a transfer of breath/life/energy has provided Forster opportunities to introduce, “perform,” and instigate Poetry in schools and with special needs groups ranging from pre-K to 70.

Born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska, Forster now lives in Rochester, New York. Through his observations of the land and people (the visual and bodily experience) he’s discovered that poetry is dialogue, creates dialogue…and even holds an elusive sense of responsibility to community. As of late, he continues to explore the relation between “Human and Being through what Poetry provides.”