Vivian Siegel
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Vivian Siegel is the director of the Center for Science Communication (CSC) at Vanderbilt University, the founding editor-in-chief of Disease Models and Mechanisms, and the executive editor of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Siegel created the CSC to share with Vanderbilt researchers what she has learned as an editor about how to communicate science clearly. This unique resource has developed over only a few years to offer a busy, regular program of workshops and seminars.

Siegel has shaped the open-access journal DMM to provide a forum for communication between basic researchers interested in tackling problems related to human health and clinicians. DMM highlights diseases whose study would benefit from the development of new models and the potential uses of unusual model organisms, such as flatworms and sea urchins, to understand certain diseases.

Prior to her current positions, Siegel was the founding executive director of the Public Library of Science, where her reputation as a former chief editor of Cell and Molecular Cell helped the open-access organization attract submission of important research to its new journals, including PLoS Biology and PLoS Medicine. The resulting success of these journals has demonstrated the feasibility of making primary research free to the public; she continues to support this cause by discussing changes in scholarly publishing at events around the country.

Siegel received her PhD in genetics from the University of California, San Francisco, and her AB in biochemistry and mathematics from Bowdoin College.