Patrick Boel
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Having worked for more than 20 years as an advocacy planner, business consultant, trainer and developer in Western and Central Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, Patrick Boel is now an independent consultant. He has working relations with international companies, local authorities, ministries, non-profit organizations and universities. In addition, Boel enjoys working with people from other disciplines, such as artists, psychologists, teachers and technicians.

Presently, Boel facilitates a three-year management development program for local administrative managers. He also trains and consults various organizations on ways to improve team learning and professional development.

Boel has extensive experience in marketing, management, entrepreneurship development, business incubators, finance, city rehabilitation and local employment initiatives. Throughout the years he has gained insights from a broad intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective. He looks forward to a conversation in which “we can talk about the European view on the events following September 11 and their influence on many recent developments in our society.”