Tina Dupuy
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Tina Dupuy regards herself as a native New Yorker, though she was born in Denver. Her parents were biblical brimstone hippie revolutionaries, members of a splinter sect so fringe it makes normal cult apologists shudder. Her childhood was spent as glorified luggage, living in several countries on two continents and eventually attending nine elementary schools. The most stable home she had was an adolescent all-girls group home in Northern California where she made few friends by being an (alleged) stuck up nerd. All of this has given her a rather unique take on life.

Dupuy's lifelong ambition of being a paleontologist was thwarted by the siren call of freelance journalism. An irreverent yet unassuming humorist, she is a natural for the work. Sometimes a reporter, sometimes a comedian—always a wedge-issue enthusiast and devout skeptic—Dupuy is an award-winning writer, investigative journalist, and the former managing editor of Crooks and Liars. She appears frequently on MSNBC, Current TV, RT, and BBC, and all over the radio frequencies via KCRW’s To The Point, The Stephanie Miller Show, and The Leslie Marshall Show. She writes for Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Skeptic, Fast Company, Alternet, LA Weekly, the Los Angeles Times and Newsday among many others. Her op-ed column is nationally syndicated through Cagle Cartoons and appears in over a hundred newspapers weekly.

Currently Dupuy is working on a book examining hyperbole as the lie we all love.