William Nack
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Nack's 45-year journalism career has taken him from the University of Illinois to the U.S. Army in Vietnam, and from Newsday newspaper to Sports Illustrated. He retired from there in 2001 after nearly 23 in the trenches of big-time sports. Since then, he has done freelance writing for Sports Illustrated, Time, GQ, and ESPN TV, where he also has been involved in voice-over work for television broadcasts.

Recently, Nack has been having way too much fun for someone nearing his seventh decade on the planet. His classic study of the racehorse Secretariat was turned into a Disney movie last year, and he appeared in four screen credits—as the author of the book, as the film's consultant, as an actor who uttered one line in cameo, and as the racing reporter played by actor Kevin Connolly. Driven by the film, his biography of the horse entitled Secretariat rose to number six on the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction paperbacks.

All of which simply proved that Secretariat was no doubt the greatest weight-carrier in racing history, as he not only carried his biographer for over 35 years since the book was first published in 1975, but was still chugging dutifully along as he bore the man up the Times' chart in 2010.

When Nack is not writing for television, he is either working on a book involving the Battle of Antietam in the Civil War, or chasing herds of deer with his wife, Carolyne, from their garden in Washington, D.C. This will mark Nack's 12th year as a CWA panelist.