Stuart Butler
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Stuart Butler is director of the Center for Policy Innovation at the Heritage Foundation (Heritage) in Washington, D.C., a "think tank within a think tank," which focuses on developing new policy ideas. Prior to taking this position in 2010, he served for two decades as Heritage's vice president for all domestic policy research. He is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University graduate school and has been a fellow at Harvard University's Institute of Politics.

Butler has written books and articles on a range of policy issues, from healthcare to welfare reform and, most recently, on economic mobility and the challenges facing lower-income Americans. As a conservative scholar and policy advocate, he has played a prominent role in the national debate over many issues, arguing for solutions based on limited government and market competition. He is also widely recognized as an individual who is willing to work with people across the ideological spectrum to find solutions to the nation's problems. One example of this is his active involvement with Convergence, an organization that seeks common ground on controversial policy issues.

Butler emigrated from Britain. He has a BSc in physics and mathematics, an MA in economics and history, and a PhD in American economic history, all earned from St. Andrews University in Scotland. He is married with two grown daughters.