Andy Ihnatko
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Andy Ihnatko received his first electrocution at age five. He recalls it as a "not at all unpleasant" experience and as it happens, this early combination of pleasure and pain laid the groundwork for a career writing about science and technology and documenting the Humans' up-and-down relationship with this stuff.

He's a longstanding tech columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and Macworld magazine, makes regular appearances on the CBS Early Show, and writes tech books that occasionally do well enough to provoke his publisher to send over a basket of celebratory cheeses. He is also a regular panelist on the popular This Week In Tech and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. His writings have been licensed by NASA and pirated in a Brazilian videogaming magazine, demonstrating a very weird base of support.

All of this makes his mom very proud. But Ihnatko knows very well that when the ballgame's all over, he'll probably be remembered for writing an e-book explaining how to turn a classic Macintosh into a functioning aquarium and building an animatronic Darth Vader that can be controlled over the Internet via telepresence to keep cats from sleeping on his office laser printer while he's away.

Ihnatko donates blood regularly, is kind to his parents, comments his code, and switches his iPhone to "silent" mode before the start of a movie.