Paul Hochfeld
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Paul Hochfeld has been an emergency physician in Oregon since 1979. He has served as president of Mary's Peak Emergency Physicians, as EMS coordinator for the Corvallis Fire Department, and as chairman of the Peer Review Committee for Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

A video produced by Hochfield, Health, Money and Fear, explores three questions about our broken healthcare system: Why does it cost so much? What does it say about us? What can we do about it? Frustrated with the healthcare reform debate of 2009, he became a leader of the Mad As Hell Doctors Road Trip to Washington, D.C., to educate people about our "sick care non-system," expressing his views on national television along the way. In 2010, the doctors traveled again through California.

Hochfeld recognizes that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act didnít fix the crisis of rising healthcare costs. The physician community remains complicit in the problem, he says, not because we are evil, but because we respond to perverse incentives with predictably human behavior. Having a productive public discussion about the underlying problems and attitudes that few people want to acknowledge would require the cooperation of media, which is failing us every bit as much as our healthcare system and our political process, all of which seem to be more about profits and power than nurturing healthy communities.

Hochfeld received a combined bachelor's/master's degree in electrical engineering from MIT and later graduated from the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine.