Michael G. Franc
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Mike Franc is a longtime veteran of Washington policymaking and vice president of government relations at the Heritage Foundation. Franc’s extensive political knowledge and expertise is highly sought after by leading news sources such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. He also appears regularly on national broadcast news outlets.

In addition to his regular column on National Review Online and posts on its blog “The Corner,” Franc's opinion pieces have appeared in The Baltimore Sun, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Miami Herald, and the Houston Chronicle. He has testified before congressional committees and has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh.

In 1996, Franc served as director of communications for House Majority Leader Richard Armey of Texas. Before joining the Heritage Foundation, he served in the Office of National Drug Control Policy and as legislative counsel for Representative William Dannemeyer of California.

A graduate of Yale University, Franc earned his JD from Georgetown University Law Center. He and his wife, Emily, have four children, two of whom are teenagers.