Kyrsten Sinema
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In the Arizona where Kyrsten Sinema grew up, strong schools and tight-knit communities meant opportunity for future generations. The hard-working middle class could get ahead, and government was there to help ensure that opportunity for all who were willing to work hard and play by the rules.

Luckily, her hard work in school paid off with a full-ride scholarship to college. She also saved money by earning over 60 college course credits at community college while attending high school.

After college, Sinema became a social worker helping struggling families. She soon realized that the problems they came to her with – poverty, homelessness, job loss, abuse – were common to so many families.

Sinema went back to school and started working at the grassroots level to help people access our leaders and talk about their needs. Because she believes that everyone should get the same shot and that the system should not favor those at the very top, she ran for the legislature and won.

There she worked to pass tough immigration laws, securing funding for our vets, working to provide business incentives for job creation and fighting back against attempts to gut basic health care for kids, cuts to services for the elderly and dramatic drops to school funding.

In 2011, Kyrsten was lauded by The Arizona Republic for her “remarkable” ability to “partner with Republicans in both the House and Senate” to pass legislation while remaining “a staunch defender of key Democratic priorities.”

Sinema takes her passion and talent into the 113 Congress, serving Arizona's Ninth Congressional District. She has been to appointed to House Committee on Financial Services.