Mary Evelyn Tucker
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Mary Evelyn Tucker is a senior lecturer and research scholar at Yale University with appointments in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the Divinity School, the Department of Religious Studies, and the Center for Bioethics. She teaches in the joint MA program in religion and ecology and directs the school's Forum on Religion and Ecology with her husband, John Grim.

Her special area of study is Asian religions. She received her PhD from Columbia University in Japanese Confucianism. Her concern for the growing environmental crisis, especially in Asia, led her to organize with Grim a series of conferences on World Religions and Ecology at Harvard, held from 1995 to1998. Together, they served as editors for volumes published from the conference proceedings. In 1998, the pair founded the Forum on Religion and Ecology at a culminating conference held at the United Nations.

Tucker and Grim studied world religions with Catholic priest and historian Thomas Berry and worked closely with him for 30 years. Tucker edited several of Berry's books: The Great Work, Evening Thoughts, and The Sacred Universe. To bring Berry's work forward, she has worked closely with evolutionary philosopher Brian Thomas Swimme, and they have collaborated on the book and film project Journey of the Universe.

Tucker has also been involved with the Earth Charter initiative since its inception. She served on the International Earth Charter drafting committee from 1997 to 2000, and is a member of the Earth Charter international council.