Ken Rutherford
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As Assistant Professor of Political Science at Southwest Missouri State University, Kenneth R. Rutherford’s research interests include international law, international organization, and international security. Rutherford has worked in Africa for the Peace Corps (Mauritania), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Senegal), and the International Rescue Committee (Kenya and Somalia).

In 1993, while working as a Credit Union training officer in southwestern Somalia, Rutherford’s vehicle ran over a landmine, which resulted in the loss of both his legs. In 1995, he co-founded the Landmine Survivors Network (, which is a leading member of the Campaign to Ban Landmines, the recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. He is also a board member of Physicians Against Landmines (, which is currently conducting research on low-cost, high-quality prosthetics for amputees in developing countries, and the United Nations Association of the USA Adopt a Minefield (, which raises funds for mine clearing and victim assistance programs.

Rutherford has worked as a landmine consultant in Bosnia for the United States Agency for International Development in 1997 and the United States Department of Defense - Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict in 1998, and for the United States Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance as a mine awareness trainer for American NGOs conducting complex emergency operations. In August 1997, he hosted Diana, Princess of Wales, in Bosnia, where he escorted her to meet Bosnian landmine survivors.