Nai Thet Lwin
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Student-led pro-democracy uprisings occurred in Burma while Nai Thet Lwin was studying at the University of Moulmein. He actively took part in rural demonstrations, thereby reinforcing the urban pro-democracy movement in demanding an end to the monolithic rule of the Gen. Ne Win-led Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP). Lwin fled to the Burma-Thai border after the seizure of state power by the military. There, he joined the Mon armed opposition, New Mon State Party (NMSP), and worked there for 5 years from 1988 to 1993.

After his resignation from NMSP, Lwin continued to work for an independent human rights publicity campaign for international awareness on grave human rights abuses occurring in the ethnic non-Burman areas, emphasizing the Mon region in southeastern Burma. He worked for the human rights publicity campaign a total of 7 years from late 1992 through early 1999. A number of newsletters and reports, which Lwin produced under the Committee for Publicity of the Peoples Struggle in Monland (CPPSM) and with the Mon Information Service (MIS) provided one of the few reliable windows the world had on the significant human rights abuses occurring in the rural ethnic non-Burman areas. In addition his work with the grass-roots human rights publicity campaign, Lwin has been involved in projects such as health and human rights, education, and Mon literature projects. He is also an active member of the Mon umbrella organization, Mon Unity League (MUL), participating in MUL activities from its formation in 1995 to the present.