Troy Senik
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Troy Senik is a political speechwriter and columnist. He currently serves as a contributing editor for the Center For Individual Freedom, a Washington-based think tank that supports limited government, personal freedom, and a strong national defense.

Senik was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush during his second term, and previously wrote for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has also previously served as a research fellow at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, an editor of the International Dictionary of Economics, and the opinion editor of the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal, the nationís largest daily legal newspaper. In addition to regularly appearing in print and broadcast media, he continues to work as a communications and policy consultant for conservative political figures.

Senik is currently coauthoring a book on the future of the Republican Party with Robert Kaufman, as well as working on a project focusing on government reform in his home state of California. He holds a bachelorís degree in political science and philosophy from Belmont University and a masterís degree in public policy from Pepperdine University.