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View Energy Usage in Your Building

Beginning in June 2011, building energy usage data will be provided via EnergyCAP. To access EnergyCAP, please use the link below. You will need to authenticate with your CU Login name and password, at which point you will be redirected to the EnergyCAP website:

Note: Authorized use only. This site is accessible from campus Internet addresses only. Please use the campus VPN to access this site from off-campus.

Legacy Data:

Usage data prior to June 2011 can be viewed using the form below:

Choose a building from the drop-down menu below. Then choose the resource (steam, water, electricity or gas) and click "View" to see data for your building.

Actual energy usage data (last month as well as the past few years) are provided here as a tool for you to gauge your building's consumption and conservation efforts. Whether resource usage is rising or decreasing, the sustainability team is ready to help you figure out how to conserve more energy and water in your building. If there are any unusual trends or high usage, please contact the conservation hotline.

Ready to do more? Download the Energy Audit Checklists and work with us to reduce your building's impact and enter to win the Buff Energy Star Award!

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