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Ongoing Results of “Just Shut It” Campaign

Just Shut It is adapted from the University of Toronto's Sustainability Office's fume hood campaign. Any views expressed in this material do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Toronto's Sustainability Office.

Just Shut It!

Sash Measurements:

In the graph below, the first two data points show that before the campaign, VAV (variable air volume) hood sashes were averaging 8.5-9 inches.  However, during the contest, average sash levels dropped by nearly 6 inches, to 3 inches.  The contest included random inspections of hood sashes and the awarding of raffle tickets for closing the sash when the hood was not in use or keeping the sash at a safe level when in use.  According to the University of Toronto Just Shut It Calculator, if this improved behavior continues, the reduction in sash height equates to a savings of approximately $57,000 in energy costs per year.

Fume Hood Chart


Below are some lucky raffle prize winners from the Batey Lab in Biochemistry.  Raffle prizes included four separate $25 gift certificates to the CU Connection in the UMC and a grand prize of $100 to the “Med” Restaurant in downtown Boulder. 

Fume Hoods


Even though the contest is over, we will continue to check on the hood sashes every two weeks and address any returns to behavior which existed prior to the contest.

Contact Info:

Kathy Ramirez-Aguilar, Ph.D.

CU Green Labs Program Manager