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Energy Audit Checklists

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The energy audit process is an opportunity for you to partner with Facilities Management to closely look at your building and determine what can be done to make your building more sustainable.

Completing the energy audit process is one of the requirements for the Buff Energy Star Award.

Any building occupant can initiate this process, though it will generally be coordinated through the building proctor. Below are the typical steps in the energy audit process.

  1. Proctor or building representative completes the Energy Audit Checklist (choose the most appropriate checklist from the list below).
  2. Facilities creates online survey for building occupants to discover comfort issues and conservation opportunities.
  3. Building walkthrough with proctor and Facilites staff.
  4. Determine action items for proctor or building representative and FM staff.
  5. Finish actions and projects identified during the audit process.

If you have any questions about the energy audit process, please contact us. To get started, please fill out the most appropriate energy audit checklist below.

If there are questions on the checklist for which you don't know the answer, it's not a problem. We can work to fill in any gaps during the building walkthrough stage.

Building Energy Audit Checklist - (Word) (PDF)

Laboratory Energy Audit Checklist - (Word)(PDF)

Kitchen Energy Audit Checklist - (Word) (PDF)

Energy Audit Follow-Up - (Word) (PDF)

Please return the completed form to: Moe Tabrizi, Campus Sustainability Director, 453 UCB, tabrizi@colorado.edu