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Feb. 18, 2013- CU receives recognition as  a 2012 Tree Campus USA (website)

Campus Photo

Dec. 4, 2012- Buff Energy Star Awards presented (website)

Oct. 5, 2012- Campus Green Turf (website)

Aug. 10, 2012- Williams Village earns local green building award         (website)

Dec. 1, 2011- Williams Village North Receives LEED Platinum Rating (PDF)

May 26, 2011- 100-kW Carport Solar Power System Being Installed At Bear Creek Apartments (PDF)

April 11, 2011- CU Boulder recognized as a Tree Campus USA (PDF)

Winter 2011- The Role of Renewable Energy in the Campus Carbon Neutrality Movement written in the Sustain Journal (PDF)

Feb. 3, 2010- Solar panels produce energy for campus, contribute to state goal (website)

Sept. 2, 2009-  Solar panels installed on Mountain Research Station (PDF)

Aug. 20, 2009- CU Named Greenest School in the Nation (website)

Aug. 27, 2008- CU Named Second Greenest School in the Nation (PDF)

Jan. 2, 2007- CU's Tech Hub Meets Gold Standard (PDF)

Dec. 18, 2006- ATLAS Center Earns LEED Gold Certification (PDF)

Dec. 13, 2006- New ATLAS Building Becomes First CU Facility To Get Top Environmental Ranking (PDF)

Oct. 27,2006- CU Awarded For Bright Ideas in the Daily Camera (PDF)

Oct. 19, 2005-  Report notes on CU's energy efforts in the Colorado Daily (PDF)

Dec. 07, 2004-  'Green' Saves Greenbacks, the economic impact for CU's green practices in the Colorado Daily (PDF)

Nov. 17, 2004- News briefing on CU-Boulder's new Micro-Turbine (PDF)

June 15, 2004- CU Energy Conservation Paying Off in the Daily Camera  (PDF)

Jun. 14, 2004- Energy Program will reward staff for reducing energy use in campus buildings (PDF)

April 18, 2004- Conserve Energy as Campus Does in the Daily Camera  (PDF)

Nov. 29, 2003- Natural Gas burns through CU's pocket, Energy Savings in the Daily Camera (PDF)

Oct. 04, 2003- Campus energy savers make strides, Energy Savings. By pledging to reduce personal consumption, campus will donate money to energy conservation programs- Daily Camera (PDF)

Sept. 23, 2003- Conservation tactics mean CU saves energy, Energy Savings in the Colorado Daily (PDF)

Sept. 23, 2003- CU Boulder Conservation Efforts Reverse Decade-Long Campus Energy Use Increases(PDF)