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Water Goals

Goal: 15% reduction by 2015, based on 2012 numbers.

To accomplish these goals the campus must go from a water intensity of 22.34 to 18.99 Gal/ ft2. CU-Boulder has been extensively pursuing water conservation projects converting over 95% of the campus to irrigate with ditch water versus potable water. The conversion of William's Village reduced potable water usage by 14 million gallons which was a huge step in achieving CU's goals.

Other initiatives include:

  • Bathroom retrofits of existing buildings
    • 890 toilet fixtures modified with dual flush handles
  • Porter cold room conversions
    • Potable water was previously being used for heat rejection; now chilled water is being used
  • Exploring the use of recycled/grey water for campus flushing in restrooms

Global Water Resources

Water scarcity is a huge global issue, making conservation all the more important. Check out the global resources of freshwater we have and its uses here.