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CU-Boulder has a long success record with being progressive when it comes to sustainability initiatives. In 1976, CU-Boulder students were the first to establish a campus recycling program. Since then, the program has overcome many challenges and enjoyed some significant successes.

The recycling program is managed as a partnership between Facilities Management, the students, and the Environmental Center. They’ve had national success in programs, such as Ralphie’s Green Stampede. The university saw an average diversion rate of 78.9 percent for the six home games in the 2009 season, with an impressive single game high diversion rate of 85 percent. This means approximately 65,000 pounds of cardboard, cans and bottles, compostable materials, paper, and fryer grease was captured, with only roughly 17,000 pounds of material going to the landfill.

Equally impressive is the commitment to hosting zero-waste events on campus. Facilities Management provides campus constituents that are hosting events with compost and recycling receptacles. This helps eliminate unnecessary waste from entering the waste stream.

The university has begun a construction and demolition materials recycling pilot program for small and medium sized campus construction projects. This program will assist in implementing the university's campus-wide zero waste plan by reducing volumes and percentages of recyclable construction materials going to the landfill, mirroring existing city and county actions, and meeting the State of Colorado's goals to reduce construction waste and to achieve zero construction waste. For additional program information, visit

Other services Facilities Management provides include:

  • Shredding
  • Electronics Recycling (more info)
  • Construction and Demolition Recycling Program Brochure

For more information on services and the recycling program, visit their website: Or contact Jessica Bradley,, or Ed von Bleichert,