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Peak To Peak Project Workshop

August 15th and 16th, 2011

The Peak to Peak (P2P) Project provides faculty with forward thinking resources to formidably integrate themes of sustainability throughout the curriculum at the University of Colorado Boulder and beyond.  The foundation of P2P was the inaugural workshop held at the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year. The two-day workshop brought together faculty from all ranks with students and representatives from facilities management.

The central purpose was to engage in networking opportunities, discussions, and exercises to assist faculty stay current in content and pedagogy in matters relating their respective disciplines to issues of sustainability. What resulted was exciting and enthusiastic learning that allowed diverse faculty from all corners of campus to bond over teaching about sustainability.  The links below summarize this inaugural workshop.  To learn more of the Peak to Peak Project, click here.

  1. Follow Up
    1. Define Sustainability 
  2. Agenda 
  3. Participants and Contributers 
  4. Reading - Tufts article 
  5. Presentations
    1. Provost Russ Moore - Welcome 
    2. Moe Tabrizi - Sustainability Operations
    3. Paul Komor - Energy Policy  
    4. David Payne - Teaching Sustainable Business (presentation & handout)
    5. Carly Robinson, Cale Wharry - Student Resource Presentation
    6. Dave Newport - Activity: Personal Carbon Footprint (presentation & handout)
    7. Dave Newport - Sustainability Assessment: Stars (presentation & handout)
    8. Jim White - Scientific Basis 
    9. Patty Limerick - Western Issues 
    10. Beth Osnes - Gender, Population, Third World Issues 
    11. Ben Hale - Sustainability and Ethics Discussion 
  6. LEED Map 
  7. Website Links