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Data Centers

Data Centers are one of the most energy-intensive areas on campus, along with dining centers and labs. They are also one of the larger areas of opportunity. 70,000 gross square feet of data centers have been identified, which costs the campus around $500,000/yr to operate. They are spread across campus in different buildings, requiring additional cooling for each unit, separate security measures, and lost opportunity to recover the heat from these intensive units.

The IT Department, Sustainability Action Team and the Office of Sustainability have been working on developing a plan to consolidate these centers into three buildings on campus - Sybase, Telecomm, McAllister.

The benefits include:

  • Freed up space in many buildings on main campus, which allows for back fill and re-purposing of space
  • The opportunity to recover the heat produced by these units, and transfer this heat to other areas
  • Tougher security
  • Use of campus software and hardware
  • Efficient cooling systems for the data center

This process is ongoing. If you have a data center in your department or building, and would like to consolidate into Sybase, Telecomm or McAllister, please contact, Dave Bodnar,

For more information on ITS-related energy conservation efforts, please see their webpage here. Additionally, to learn about the latest goals of CU in IT sustainability and energy savings please view this informational Power Point.

For more information on Data Center related sustainability efforts, please visit their webpage here.